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Treasure Hunt
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Treasures of Tioman
Treasures of Tioman (ToT) will be the key event for years tocome. For its inaugural year, the prizes will be most likely scuba diving products. But we expect in future the value of prizes to increase, including cash as well as gold bars as the main prize.

Mechanics of ToT: Its very straight forward. There will be 10 Treasure Chest (beautifully crafted) to be located within all the dive spots in Tioman. Only clue is, the chest position will be no more than 18 meters depth. The winner need to present the chest (and they may keep it as a cool souvenir) to the judges with a number in it. The number dictates the type of prize they win. Prize value of US$500-$1000 each. If any of the chest is not found by end of the event, the prize will be auctioned during closing dinner. The proceeds will go to a selected Marine conservation fund/organisat
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