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• TMD participants are eligible to take part in this event.
• Search for the treasures from the first day of the event.
• 10 treasure chests are located at any dive spot and well placed in nice crafted chest.
• Attractives prizes to be won plus the chest! ››
• 3 Categories (Novice – Professional).
• Attractive Prizes to be won.
• Competition Photo will be showcased during post event exhibition.
• Panel judges includes world class professional underwater photographer. ››
• Celebrated in Malay traditional wedding ceremony.
• To get world publicity
• Live/Recorded ceremony - presented on a big screen ››
• Voluntary Professional Divers underwater cleaning activity.
• Show your concern for the underwater environment. .
• Media value activity. ››
• Join the fun at the Berjaya Resort & Spa beach.
• Get together and meet peoples.
• The party you don't want to miss! ››
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